March Wellness

By Kari B.

Ahhhhh… as I was walking my sweet doggies this morning, I realized a couple of things:

  1. It was LIGHT out! As in, actual daylight! I mean, I could SEE!! That alone jolted my happy vibes into overdrive! Gone (for now) are the days of driving to work in the dark, and leaving as the sun is setting for another night’s rest. 
  2. We heard something. The winter silence was broken.  As Gracie and Bubba assumed their potty position, we all practiced proper etiquette so nobody got a good ole case of stage fright. During this time, it’s standard for me to just look around at the sky, the trees, throw in a neighborly wave and smile to those who pass by. The dogs sniff the air and give me the side-eye…waiting for a positive affirmation that they are, in fact, the best doggies in the whole wide world. Today was different though…we all went against protocol and looked at each other simultaneously because we heard something. BIRDS.  We heard animals! Birds were chirping all around us and I know it means one thing…SPRING is around the corner!!!

Yes, my friends. We have gotten there.  We have made it to March! This means swimsuits. This means sunshine. This means probably another really nasty snowstorm. Ha! However, it’s inevitable…we are bound for nicer weather. Many of us are also prepping for one more thing.

Spring Break. 

Oh, yes. One of the best vacation times of the year! Jet off to warm weather after the months of keeping that body bundled up. So, what’s the problem with that?


Ok, so if you have a spring break destination in your future, there is a strong likelihood that you have been preparing for this! The old adage, “summer bodies are made in the winter” has probably been your mantra for a bit! That’s a great thing! So, what now?

Don’t sabotage all the work you’ve done while on your trip! I know, I know…we see vacation as “our” time to relax and indulge. I’m here to tell you that you can find the perfect balance between relaxation and maintaining your summer body. So, let’s talk about that…

First and foremost, ENJOY YOUR VACATION.

Treat yourself! Have that tropical drink! Have that special meal! Just keep it in check. Trust me, if you indulge nonstop day in and day out, you may spend a good chunk of your trip feeling pretty icky because your body isn’t used to it. Moderation is key! Also – don’t forget to drink water, water, water. Hydrate because it’s good for you, for starters. Plus, we tend to fall off the water wagon hard when we aren’t in our normal routine. 

Take advantage of what you have at your disposal!

Are you on the ocean? Go for a fast beach walk/run in the AM.  Do you have a pool? Tread water, hang off the side and do some leg kicks, play like you did as a child! Do you have mountains nearby? Hiking trails? Are there bikes available to ride while you sight-see? The point is, take advantage of the beauty that is surrounding you.  Plan several of your adventures around something physical in nature. Not only will you get to immerse yourself in the culture, but you will feel 100 times better if you do treat yourself. 

Small Circuit

If physical adventures are off the table, try at least 5 minutes of a small circuit. 1 minute of each: squats, pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, planks. If there is a gym where you are staying, pack for it! Throw your gym clothes/gym shoes in your luggage and plan to make it there several days. Exercising while you are on vacation is a lot less stressful…likely because you don’t have a time frame you are working to stay in. 

Rest, rest, rest!

This is your time to decompress and relax!! Get some good sleep and you may find the desire to be more physical! Avoid piling on too many events in your day. I know we have the best intentions and want to fit a lot into our trips, however, you don’t want to come home from your vacation….and need a vacation. 

Finally, get right back to your exercise/nutrition plan when you get home.

Don’t let yourself fall off the wagon for good! Do NOT beat yourself up, just get moving again. Make more healthy choices in foods (whole, fresh, brightly colored) and get your workouts on track. 

In closing…ENJOY THAT VACATION! Experience the culture you are in! Enjoy special treats in moderation! Stay moving! Drink water! Sleep and rest! When you get home, resume your routine. 

You’ve got this! Stay healthy and well, my friends! 


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