Gift Guide for Him

His turn! Here are a few gift ideas for any of the men in your life. From brothers, to dads, to husbands, to friends – there’s a perfect gift to show him how much you care (or to show him you had no idea what to get him, so you opted for something fun! ha!)

1. Eddie Bauer Severson Moc Toe Boots (50% off right now!)

2. Patagonia Isthmus Parka

3. Personalized Beer Glasses (I’ve given this gift a few times and it’s always been well received! It’s really cool to have a set of brewery-style glasses with your name on them)

4. Bluetooth Speaker

5. Bose Wireless Headphones

6. Lululemon Pants (Look like dress pants, feel like sweat pants)

7. Lululemon Shorts

8. Patagonia Fleece Pullover

9. Duffle Bag (that isn’t falling apart or also doubling as a gym bag)

10. Grilling Multi-Tool (For the Grill Master in your life)

11. North Face Beanie (The coziest)

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