Coffee Cup Words

Coffee Cup Words

When you crack open,
don’t waste a minute
gathering up the pieces
of who you used to be.

I read that somewhere-
on an inspirational greeting card,
or a coffee mug.

Sometimes, the most profound words
are found on coffee mugs,
so I don’t judge.

And besides-
this cracking open
is no small matter.
Its sharp
and uncomfortable
and exhilarating
and disorienting.

And real.

It’s so real, you want to neaten it up for others,
you know?
So it doesn’t make them
and confused, too.

So you say things like-
“I’m on my spiritual journey.”
“Oh, I’m trusting the process, wink wink!”
“Just getting ma soul evolution on!”

You try to make your messy,
confusing transformation
into neat, tidy
coffee cup words,
because coffee cup words
make people feel safe.

No one writes
“scary as hell”
on a coffee cup.

No one smiles brightly
while sipping Earl Grey tea
from a mug
that proudly proclaims

(Wouldn’t that be great, though?
Would it make us all feel
just a little

back to being real.

When you do crack open
and all your insides are strewn about
for all to see
and judge
and comment on-

don’t try to put those pieces back together
like a jigsaw puzzle
or shove them into a Rubbermaid tote
in the basement
next to the Christmas decorations.

(even though your rational brain
might be demanding it,
rather obnoxiously)

You don’t need them all,
the strewn about pieces.
That’s why you cracked open
in the first place.

But do take the time
to sift through them,
these pieces of yourself.
Hold each one lovingly,
turning it over in your hands,
observing it without judgement.

Reflect on each piece of sadness,
of embarrassment
of light bulb moments
of joy and heartbreak all wrapped up in one package-
and ask yourself,
does this moment serve me now?

If it does-
(like the memory of your son’s warm hand
wiggling into yours
while crossing the street
even though he is MUCH too old to hold you hand, MOM!)
then toss that puppy in the keep pile!

If it doesn’t-
(like the time that boy in middle school
made fun of you,
and 11-year old you decided
no one would ever love her)
hold that moment tightly
this one last time,
let your soul embrace it,
thank it for the lessons you learned
(my self worth doesn’t come from anyone else)
and let that puppy go!

And why?
Why do we go through this process
of acknowledging
and feeling
and sorting
and letting go
when it hurts like hell?

Because if we don’t clean out
the cobwebs
and the clutter
of no longer needed-
the lessons and patterns that once kept us safe,
but now keep us stuck-
we’ll never have room for the new moments.

The ones that will teach us,
and scar us
and delight us
and take our breath away.

The moments that create this journey,
this process we are trusting,
our soul’s evolution.

There is no way of knowing
what these moments might be
(what fun would that be?)
or where they’ll lead you-

But even if you can only see as far as the headlights,
you still know there are
miles of highway
ahead of you.

Like a sculpture is already in the marble
before the artist cuts it free,
your destination is already there,
manifest and divinely timed,
before you reach it.

Trust the road.
Trust your headlights.
Trust your Michelangelo intuition.

Its scary as hell.
But its friggin worth it.

(And you are welcome to put THAT
on a coffee mug)

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