Fresh Midwinter Style Picks

By Harley H.

It’s that time of year. You head to your closet, open the doors, and EVERYTHING looks wrong. There’s nothing you want to wear and you seriously start contemplating if you should maybe just have a little dumpster fire party in the backyard. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic- but we’ve all had that “I have nothing to wear” feeling and it can be really discouraging! Especially when it’s grey and cold outside. The need for something fresh feels pretty intense!

I’ve got your fix! Wildflower collective is partnering with The Bend Boutique! The Bend is an online boutique run by Harley Harpenau and she has some amazingly cute styles and styling tips to share with you!

One thing is for certain…. ruffles, blush, thermal anything, and back detailing is going to be VERY BIG this spring!

Harley’s Top Picks for a Winter Wardrobe Refresh

This shirt is perfect for winter and spring! it can be paired with jeans, leather leggings, or a cute scarf for a warmer look! For shoes- you can go with a closed toe bootie for winter, or a peep toe bootie for spring! this is the perfect transition piece (I know I’m not the only one looking forward to spring!). 

Who doesn’t love a comfy crewneck that you can get away with wearing to work on a cold winter day!? This crewneck can be paired with any color jeans- light, dark, black, or even leggings! It can be paired with booties for a more dressy look, or it can be paired with your favorite pair of casual shoes. 

Are you ready for Valentine’s day?! The color of these shirts are perfect for Valentines Day! Dress them up with your favorite pair of leather leggings and booties or a dark wash jean! If you want something sassy- the mauve cut out back is for you or if you are looking for something sweet- the light pink ruffle sleeve is adorable!

This sage cardigan is a must. This can be worn to work or for a night out on the town with friends! I love that its a light knit cardigan! It so versatile for winter and spring! The light sage color makes it perfect for both seasons and it can be paired with grey, black, brown, or white! 

Visit The Bend Boutique to see ALLLL of the other adorable pieces Harley has in stock!

*Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this post, it is not an ad, I just genuinely love this boutique and want to share it with you*

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