Hair Extensions: Clip-In Vs. Halo Style

BFB clip-in hair extensions were the first set of extensions I really loved. I recently switched to Hidden Crown. I want to start off by saying, both of these are EXCELLENT products and I fully love both of them. If you’ve been following along for a while, you know how much I have loved using BFB hair extensions. They’re clip-ins, lovely thick quality, and a great price point.

I also love trying new things, and I’ve heard great reviews for “halo style” extensions. I decided to make the jump and try Hidden Crown brand Halo style extensions. 


I’m a convert.

I’ve been using clip-in style extensions for years, and while they don’t DESTROY your hair, there is some damage that comes along with them (just like there would be some damage that comes along with using ANYTHING in your hair! Hair ties, clips, barrettes, etc.). After a full day in extensions, the clips would start to feel a little heavy and laying down in them at all would result in a small amount of pulling where the clips were attached. AGAIN, this is all very normal and not a reason not to try them. They truly are lovely extensions. 

Trying the halo was a game changer. The quality is beautiful, the price point is reasonable. What I love most is the STYLE. It sits on top of your head (like a crown) with a thin, clear wire across the top. The extension hairstarts a little behind the temples and goes lower in the back – like a “halo” is sitting on your head, under your hair. The weight of the extensions secures the top wire and holds it in place. With this particular brand, THERE ARE NO CLIPS AND NO ATTACHMENT POINTS. 

My girls with weak hair that’s easily damaged, and my girls with thin hair that is easily taken by the wind….THESE ARE FOR YOU. 

Things I love About Hidden Crown Extensions

  • -Ease of use
  • -Time it takes to put them in (ONE MINUTE AND 15 SECONDS. Start to finish).
  • -Color match is SPOT ON
  • -Comes in shorter lengths – no cutting or trimming required
  • -Quality
  • -I can brush and style with them in! Clips loosen if they’re pulled by a brush or curling iron. The halo wire isn’t going anywhere, so I can style my hair with the extensions already in. 
  • -They come in a hanging case with hangers to hang your halo, a clip to use on your hair while you put them in, a comb, and wire tool for fitting. 


If you’re looking for EASY non-permanent extensions with very little damage, I would recommend giving Hidden Crown a try! I love them and fully FULLY recommend.

My Specifics

I have naturally fine hair. I got the 14” daydream halo style extensions in the color Lighter Medium Brown. I did NOT want the “layered” or any of their products that were double drawn. With my thin hair, it wouldn’t have looked as natural. The daydream extensions are single drawn with naturally thinner ends. It blends more seamlessly with my natural hair. ☺️

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