Working Girl Series: Your Brand on LinkedIn

By Leah G.

Recently I was on a webinar that shared tips on improving overall professional brand on LinkedIn. With all that’s been experienced in the world recently, new barriers exist professionally like fewer face-to-face interactions that have required us to adapt. Whether you’re in sales, a hairstylist, or anything in between – having a strong LinkedIn page can help with building a network for career opportunities now and in the future. 

Recommendations to get you started: 

Tip # 1

Update your profile picture to be professional – ideally a high-quality image with no one else in the image and a simple background.

Tip # 2

Update your Intro, About, and Experience sections – Use it at your opportunity to stand out from others in your field…be creative and broad.

Your Intro should be a description that goes beyond your title that describes how you can help. 

For example, I’m in Sales.  Add key words like “Proven” – My intro is – “Proven Medical Sales Device Leader”

Your About section serves as an intro to you – your experience, strengths, and your interests.

  • Explain how you got to where you are
  • Focus on action verbs
  • Give away something personal

Approach this as if an organization should reach out to you if…and if they are to work with you they should expect…

Your Experience section should not be a history of your career but rather your experience. It is not meant to be a resume – keep it broad showing functionality, industry expertise and a history of progression.

Tip # 3

Start following –

  • Industry relevant pages
  • Associations 
  • Groups
  • Competitors

Tip # 4

Click “share” to share your company’s news and industry-relevant news. Link, comment, and tag. This shows your network of potential employers that you are well informed, eager to learn, and passionate about your line of work. These are great qualities when looking for candidates to hire. 

This is your opportunity to market and sell yourself professionally. Don’t underestimate this tools ability to provide new opportunities and even if you aren’t looking now, this could lead to other opportunities you aren’t even expecting. Remember to focus on the value you provide, action verbs and even ask someone who knows you well for input. 

This task can be daunting, take it one step at a time. 

2 thoughts on “Working Girl Series: Your Brand on LinkedIn

  1. I have had the same profile for over six years now and only update the working experience section (and I wonder why I never get approached for job offerings!) Thanks for the tips 😅


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