Makeup Roundup: Spring 2020

I’ve recently gotten a few new items from the Sephora sale and Glossier that I’d love to share with you! They were the perfect refresh to add to my makeup routine and I love the new colors.

Brows: Boy Brow by Glossier! It’s kiiiiiiind of like a mascara, but for your brows. It holds them in place all day and gives a medium amount of color. I still have a few sparse areas that I fill in with a pencil first, and then use Boy Brow over it to make it looked groomed. Use this code for 10% off on

Lips: I’m late to the party, but Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury is everything. I’m convinced this color would look gorgeous on everyone! It lasts all day – worth the splurge.

Face: Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops. WOW. I used the shade “medium” and one drop mixed with my normal moisturizer made it look like I spent the day in the sun. No streaking, no muddiness. Just glowy skin. THE GAME HAS CHANGED!!!!

Cheeks: I have recently discovered Cloud Paint by Glossier (I’m wearing “Storm” in the picture above), and it’s the blush I’ve been searching for all of my liiiiiffffeeeee (I sang that part like Elsa if you were wondering). It’s a cream and blends so beautifully. It also goes on fairly sheer and is buildable, so you can look as “flushed” as you want 🙂

Perfume: Her by Burberry was my mother’s day gift this year and it smells soooo good. It’s a warmer scent with notes of berries, jasmine, and musk-amber.

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