Things I Love Right Now: Social Distancing Edition

  1. Fresh Apple Watch Bands – 3 for less than $10
  2. A Subscription to Obé Fitness (see info below)
  3. Adidas Swift Run Sneakers – I like that these don’t squish my toes together.
  4. Weekly Calendar and Organizer with Habit Tracker + To Do List – this has helped the house stay organized with the 7 skabillion zoom meetings. (see close up below)
  5. Easy Eyebrow Tinting Kit (see info below)
  6. Self Tanner – Don’t forget to also get a mitt and exfoliator for application!
  7. Silver studs – perfect for easy, everyday wear. I’m wearing them right now, in fact!
  8. Tiny Rose Gold Hoops – same. I could wear these daily at home and not feel “overdone”
  9. Pearl Headbands – wanna feel cute and like you tried? These are perfect.
  10. THE SOFTEST JAMMIES EVER (for toddlers) – These are literally the only jammies pip has ever worn and not complained about. These are girly, but they have sets without ruffles as well.
  11. Tie-dye Party Kit (see info below)
  12. Ugg Slippers – I’ve had these for a while and I am LIVING for them while I’ve been working at home.
  13. Crocs – NEVER did I EVER think I would cave and buy a pair. I guess never say never. My feet are comfy and happy.
  14. Sage Sweatshirt – This fits oversized and is very cozy.
  15. Tie-dye loungewear set – Because who doesn’t need a tie-dye loungewear set?? This trend is a favorite of mine. I hope it sticks around….
  16. Joggers – when you need to give your leggings a break. PLUS they can still look pulled together!
  17. Bike shorts – I love pairing these with the sage oversized sweatshirt.
  18. Paper bag waist shorts – They’re laid back and go with everything.
  19. Long sleeve crew shirt – Basic shirts to keep you warm inside but not too hot for going on a stroll in the afternoon.
  20. Knot waist shirt (black and blue pictured) – The knot gives it just enough extra to look cute!

We’re all at home (for our house it’s week 5) and, hopefully, the walls don’t feel like they’re falling in on you. Have you guys noticed all the sales going on right now?! Aerie….Ambercrombie & Fitch….. My inner online shopping gremlin is having a REAL hard time staying contained haha. My favorite place for trendy accessories is Amazon and I feel like I’ve been having GREAT luck in that department 🙂

I’m sharing a few of the things I’m really loving during this time where home is the place we all need to be. For me, that looks a lot like comfortable clothes (joggers, leggings, bike shorts), cute accessories, and trying to get some sort of movement into each day. I’d also like to elaborate on a couple of the things linked above!

First: Desk Organizer

Here’s a close up of the weekly organizer/calendar I ordered from amazon. I love that it has a habit tracker and to-do list on each page!

Second: Obé fitness (2)

This site is so great. It’s a website that houses so many different types of workouts – barre, cardio boxing, HIIT, yoga, and countless others. Most of the workouts are just under a half-hour, but some are as long as 60 minutes and as short as 10. You can do live workouts, on-demand, or follow a program. I’ve loved having a variety to work with while we’ve been home. It makes it easy to get into a good workout habit. If you’re looking for a place to find great at-home workouts, consider checking out Obé!

Third: The eyebrow tinting kit (5)

What a great little amazon find! I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I’d like to get my brows microbladed, and this kit was a great way to have darker brows and see if I liked the look! It lasts about a week or so (depending on your skincare routine), and the longer you leave the dye on, the darker it gets. It wasn’t a CRAZY difference, but it was nice to wake up in the morning and feel like my brows looked like they were already done!

Fourth: Tie-Dye Party Kit

If you have kids, and you’re looking for a fun activity to do that takes up a fair amount of time, think about checking out this tie-dye kit (11)! Pip had a blast and loved picking the colors for her shirts. The directions were super easy to follow and the cleanup was minimal. Pro-tip: We had planned to do this in the garage to help with the mess, but it was cold, so we used a cheap plastic drop cloth – easy cleanup!

What great sales have you found lately?

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