Social Distancing: What to do when there’s not much to do

We’re living in bizarro world… need to stay home, need to stay (physically) away from people – many of whom we love, but may be at risk. Shouldn’t go out unless it’s “essential”. Everything is delivered. Stores are out of things that they’re not ever usually out of (BUTTER!!!) And you feel like a crazy person for making sure to stay 6 feet away from people… it goes against human nature and it just feels weird. 

But there are silver linings too. Time. Right now, we all have more time. Time to think, time to get things done around the house that always get pushed to the back burner. All the projects. All the organizing. All the cleaning. A new workout routine. A hair detox. Playing uninterrupted with your kids. New books to read and shows to watch. There are always silver linings if want to find them. 

So here’s a list of 10 things to do (if you’re looking for things to do). 

  1. Read a book (Most recently I loved this one, this one, and this one)
  2. Start a new workout routine (Have you heard of Obé?? So many different classes – some live, some on-demand, and class lengths anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour. It’s awesome! )
  3. Go through your closets and dressers. Clean, organize, and decide what to donate! 
  4. Go through your beauty cabinet/drawers and toss what you don’t use anymore. 
  5. Perfect a new recipe (Pip and I most recently tried JoJo’s Biscuits from the Magnolia Table Cookbook, and it was a success! To be honest, all of the recipes we’ve tried from her book have been awesome, so if you’re looking for a new cookbook that one is a keeper)
  1. If you have Netflix, check out the top ten and see what everyone has been watching (Tiger King is ABSOLUTELY BANANAS!)
  2. Do a deep clean. Open the windows, pick up the clutter, and then when it’s all done light a candle (if that’s your jam – it’s definitely mine. I’m obsessed with this one right now). You’ll feel so good about your space. Don’t forget those commonly forgotten spots (the microwave, all the door handles, the baseboards…)
  3. Rearrange the furniture in one of the rooms in your house! (I did this a few days ago with the office. It cost zero dollars and feels so refreshing.)
  4. Missing your people? Set up a Facetime wine date, and have a glass of wine/cup of coffee with someone you love!
  5. Go outside. Take a walk – even if it’s just around your yard. Fresh air makes a world of difference.

What are you doing to stay busy?

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing: What to do when there’s not much to do

  1. Scrape booking, talking to family and friends ,some who I have not been in contact for some time, catching up with their lives, daily task ,cleaning some things that haven’t been for awhile, reading,lol,playing music, and dancing! Well maybe not so much of that!!,,😂 sitting outside when weather permits .so we all have many things to do, if we can muster up the motivation! Remember everyone there is a Blessing in everyday, God Bless. We can do this together😍

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