Energizing Yoga Sequence

Is it springtime yet? It seems like the winter blues have come for all of us… to combat the ever-looming feeling of exhaustion that we’re all battling, Erin has shared a short and simple energizing yoga sequence! Enjoy!

  1. Start in mountain pose, feet hip-width apart. Lift toes and spread them, rolling them back down slowly to ground you.  Knees slightly bent, neutral spin. Take 5 deep breaths here and set an intention for your practice.
  2. From mountain pose, come into 10 Sun Salutations (or more! These will heat you up!)
  1. From your last Sun Sal, step into Warrior 1.
  1. Pivot to Warrior 2.
  1. Come into Goddess Pose.
  1. Repeat Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Goddess poses on the opposite side.
  2. Forward fold and step into Downward Dog.  Pedal your heels. Bring one leg up for 3 Legged Dog.  Switch sides.
  1. Come down into Child’s Pose.
  1. Stretch out onto your stomach.  Come into Cobra, Up Dog, or Sphinx.
  1. Roll onto back, bring knees to chest and give them a squeeze.  Rock back and forth to give your tailbone a little massage.
  2. Stretch out arms and legs.
  3. Bring both legs up perpendicular to the floor.  Drop one slowly, coming as close as you can to the floor without your back arching off the floor.  Bring it back up, and drop the other. Do 10 lifts on each leg.
  4. Come to a seated position.  Extend legs up at an angle, bringing your arms alongside your knees, so your body is in a V.  This is called boat pose. Experiment with this core builder to see how long you can hold it!
  1. Cool down in savasana for at least 15 minutes.
  1. Go enjoy your day! Namaste.

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