What to Wear: Thanksgiving

What to Wear: Thanksgiving

“It’s Thanksgiving Day, and what should I wear?” Truly, whatever you want, but sometimes it feels nice to get dressed up to hang out in the living room with your family. Plus, if you haven’t seen everyone in a while, it sure feels good to look good. You want to be comfy (it’s a day dedicated to eating, after all), but also feel pulled together. Here are a couple pulled-together options that won’t make you feel like you want to hurl after your 5th helping of corn casserole (What? Just something I’m concerned about? C’mon I can’t be the only one here…)


A thicker knit turtleneck sweater is a great way to stay cozy and comfy! The skinny jeans balance the chunkier knit of the sweater. Pair with a cute pair of booties and you’re all set!


I love me some high-waisted pants – and the fact that they’re bells in the perfect shade of “ready for harvest time” rust?! Gimme. Bodysuits are here to stay for a while, which is great because they stay tucked in no matter what! Since both of these pieces are a little tighter, layer with a loose sweater to keep it casual. This circle cardigan by UGG looks amazingly soft.

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