Things I love….

These Products by Drunk Elephant

My skin has never looked better. I ventured into the world MULTIPLE TIMES completely bare faced! Which literally never happens. I have very sensitive skin, so the fact that these products have made that much of a difference is huge. I use this serum, a second serum, and this moisturizer. The lip balm is pretty amazing as well! 

This Planner

I need a Digital planner. I would love to be someone who kept a paper one, but I need it to be connected to my phone. This digital planning app connects to your existing google calendars and makes them look SO PRETTY. Is that reason enough to switch? For some people, probably not haha but if you love the look of a paper planner and just wish it was digital….then check this out! It works on desktop and smartphone.

These Pens

I can’t get enough. They’ve replaced my beloved flair pens. AND no smudging! As a leftie, that’s really important! 

This Subscription Box

We’ve all seen it… I’ll post what I chose for my product customizations in a later post and really break down my honest thoughts, but for now let me just say that all of this for $50 (or less with a coupon code) is totally worth it. If you wanna try it, here’s $10 off of your first box!

This Meal Service

My weeks are better when I have my meals planned and when the groceries are already in the fridge (fun fact: I hate grocery shopping). We do a meal service every other week. Again – I’ll do a full post later and really break it down, but know this…. weeks where I have this scheduled and delivered are my FAVORITE WEEKS. If you wanna give it a whirl, here’s $40 off of your first box! (Which means four days of 2-person dinners for $30 – not too shabby!)

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