Disney 3: Favorite Dining Options

Disney has upped their food game. When we vacation, its ALLLLLL about the food. Gone are the days of chicken fingers and French fries for a week straight. There are options for every palate now! Here are my favorite places to eat in each park, as well as a few top choices for Disney Springs and some of the resorts! 

Magic Kingdom

  1. Crystal Palace ($$$)
    • This is a great place to grab breakfast and get some time with characters! Crystal palace has Winnie the Pooh and friends walking around from table to table. Because it’s character dining, it’s more expensive. However, it’s buffet style and as much as you can eat! 
  2. Casey’s Corner ($)
    • This is a quick stop on Main Street – perfect for lunch. They have different style hot dogs, including a Mac and cheese dog! 
  3. Sleepy Hollow ($)
    • No joke, I had the BEST chicken and waffle sandwich of my LIFE here. I am forever changed. It was that good.


  1. Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada ($$$$)
    • I love EPCOT for it’s fancier dining options. This steakhouse is perfect for a special event (or even if you’re just really tired of quick service food).
  2. La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico ($$$)
    • Looking for something nice with interesting menu options? La Hacienda de San Angel is perfect! It’s indoors, and (if you happen to be at a seat by the window) there’s a beautiful view of the lagoon! The appetizers were MORE than enough for a full meal. I loved the Crema de Elote (spicy, creamy corn soup) and the Pork Empanadas.

Hollywood Studios

  1. Woody’s Lunchbox ($$)
    • This was a new favorite! I’d recommend their brisket sandwich! There’s also a fancy pop tart that you can get for dessert 😉
  2. Fairfax Fare ($)
    • Fast and easy tex-mex! Try the tamales! 
  3. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater ($$$)
    • I had a delicious pimento cheeseburger here, but to be honest it’s all about the atmosphere. You’re seated in vintage convertibles in a “drive in” at night watching old cartoons and movie previews on the big screen! Super fun. 
  4. Hollywood Scoops ($)
    • This is the ice cream stand right outside of tower of terror. We stop here 3-4 times per trip! 

Animal Kingdom

  1. Satu’li Canteen ($$)
    • The best way I can describe this restaurant is that it’s similar to Chipotle! The flavors are a little different and there are some unique vegetable options, but overall that’s the best comparison I have. It’s located in Pandora and there’s PLENTY of seating available, so you don’t have to wander around looking for somewhere to sit. 
  2. Roasted Pecan stand by the Safari ($)
    • They’re delicious and perfect for a quick snack. Enough said. 

Resort Dining

  1. Citricos at Grand Floridian ($$$)
    • Hands down, this is one of the tastiest steaks I’ve had in years. Paired with the bleu cheese potatoes?? Yes, please. 
  2. Grand Floridian Cafe ($$)
    • If you’re feeling a little fancy, this is a perfect place to stop for breakfast. My mom, Emily, Pip and I went here for breakfast on our last trip. My mom had the most beautiful looking oatmeal I’d ever seen and she said it tasted phenomenal!  
  3. Kona Cafe ($$)
    • Try the Tonga Toast. Think banana stuffed, french toast, rolled in cinnamon…. 🙂

Disney Springs

  1. Paddlefish ($$$)
    • Paddlefish never disappoints 🙂 Try the crab cakes! They come with a fried green tomato and maque choux! This restaurant has really tasty options if you love seafood (and even if you don’t!)
  2. Morimoto Asia ($$$)
    • Oh it’s fancy and it’s delicious. I am a sucker for amazing appetizers and this places has got them in spades. I recommend the Kanikama Rangoon and the Chicken bao….yummmm
  3. The Edison ($$$)
    • The atmosphere is unlike any place I’ve ever been. There is a steampunk vibe and the waitstaff looks the part as well! So so cool. I’d recommend trying the Clotheslined Candied Bacon and their pulled pork sandwich. This is a great place to go for late night entertainment, as well!

There you have it! Our favorite picks and recommendations for dining in Disney World – what are your favorite places to indulge when you visit?

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