Warm Weather Getaway

By Steph G.

It’s getting to be that time of year…. we’ve all felt cold for too long and our bodies start aching for some Vitamin D. I’m sure it’s why so many of us plan for a spring break vacation!

I was talking with Erin, and something that gets both of us excited for vacation is buying CUTE new clothes to wear on the trip! I’ve shared some of my favorite options for new swimsuits and cover ups! Personally, I couldn’t live without the olive green two piece and colorful chiffon kimono to throw over the top of it 🙂 It’s going right into my suitcase for spring break.

  1. Beach Please Hat
  2. Colorful Kimono
  3. Black Chiffon Cover Up
  4. Olive Green Two-Piece
  5. Black One-Piece
  6. Pom Pom Tote
  7. Striped One-Piece
  8. Grey Sandals
  9. Color Block and Pattern One-Piece
  10. Straw Tote

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