Closet Makeover: Drab to Fab

By Traci R.

The playroom closet at my daughter’s house was bad (Sorry, Steph). It had basic wire shelves, no personality, and even worse it wasn’t being utilized effectively. There was so much wasted space!

After… ALL the heart eyes!!

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Before we could begin, there were a few questions we needed to address…

What toys are staying? Which toys are going into storage? Which toys are being donated?

We were pretty ruthless with the toy purge. Steph kept any bigger or more expensive toys that might be used for another child in the family, but small toys that weren’t played with anymore or even a few standalone toys that weren’t part of a bigger set hit the donation pile. It always feels good to give to a family that might get more use out of the toys. Much better than just putting them in a bin in the basement where they MIGHT never see the light of day again…

What categories are we working with and what is the storage plan for those categories?

The categories we chose were based on what toy sets Pippa has and how much space they take up (Little People, Play food, Calico Critters, Stuffed Animals, and Books were all big space suckers). Matching Bins for small parts (separated by type) seemed to be the best option for giving the closet and new and functional look. When there’s a little more time, Steph plans to use her Cricut to cut out vinyl letters to label each bin as well as the backs of the walls inside the cubes if there is no bin.

How do we create a space that’s kid friendly and can STAY organized?

*The best way to effectively use your closet space is to keep in mind that VERTICAL STORAGE is going to give you more bang for your buck*

With this trick in mind, we decided to use cube storage. First, it would more effectively utilize the vertical space in the closet. Second, the cloth drawers are “kid friendly” enough for 2 year old Pippa to use. Third, the shelves are low enough for Pippa to use, but high enough overall to keep a few things out of reach. Fourth and finally, they can be (and are) anchored to the wall. Safety first!

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