5 Nights, 5 Healthy Dinners (& Grocery list!)

By Emily R.

Our dietitian, Emily, has created a week’s worth of healthy dinners for you! WITH a grocery list! Let us take the meal planning stress off of your shoulders this week, and rest easy knowing you’ve prepared healthy (and delicious!) dinners for your family! 

Monday – Soba Noodle Soup with Shrimp

Notes for Recipe: 

Your broth and meat are changeable. If you’re not a fan of shrimp, use chicken + chicken broth in place of the Shrimp + Vegetable broth! A vegetarian option would be tofu + vegetable broth.

Soba noodles are VERY starchy. Cook them in a separate pot until tender and then drain and rinse with lukewarm water before adding them to the soup pot.

Don’t overcook your garlic – it’ll get bitter. Just cook until fragrant 

Gentle reminder: Shiitake mushroom stems are not edible 🙂 Feel free to throw them away.

Tuesday – Beef and Broccoli

Notes for Recipe: 

Don’t overcook your broccoli

Wednesday – Pork Chops

Notes for Recipe:

Don’t overcook your pork chops. They’re a little fussy and easy to overcook. You don’t want them to get tough. I’d recommend investing in a meat thermometer.

Thursday – Turkey Chili  

Notes for Recipe:

Season along the way to build layers of flavor in the chili  

Friday – Wine Poached Chicken

Notes for Recipe: 

I prefer to mix my corn starch in a separate bowl with some chicken broth before adding it to the sauce. This ensures that it turns out smooth 🙂 

If you’d prefer not to use wine in the recipe, just replace the wine with more chicken broth.

5 Healthy Dinners (Recipes + Grocery List)

Feb Dinner Recipes + Grocery List (Click Here to Download!) 

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