Keeping Warm

By Erin B.

The fire burns low now-
glowing embers
seem to move with the energy of the heat.
It will keep the house warm
all winter long
if you feed it properly,
stoking it
and tending to it

To heat a whole house
is an extraordinary feat
for such a small
Miraculous, even.

When the fire was new,
it would ignite and dwindle
in fits and spurts,
roaring flame giving way
to nothingness
in moments.
It was so easy
to get a quick
impressive flare
with minimal effort-
throw in a few pieces of kindling,
sit back,
and watch the magic happen.

But these types of blazes,
while beautiful and dramatic,
were unstable
and misleading.
They looked like they could
engulf a whole house,
for just a moment,
but once the moment passed,
the blaze receded back
into nonexistence,
leaving not even
a hot coal.

the fire is impressive
in other ways
not immediately discernible
at first glance.

The low flame is
emanating a steady heat
that aims to last
rather than

It is unaffected
by momentary change,
continuing to do
the work,
day after day,
to keep us warm.

Oh, it can still dazzle, though!
Never underestimate
the power
of some strategic kindling
at the right moment.
This fire will reignite
into a towering flame,
even brighter than before,
when tended to properly.

The difference now,
When the initial blaze
fizzles away
and there is no new kindling to add
for days,
sometimes months on end,
the glowing coals remain-
pulsating with heat,
continuing to keep the house warm

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