Days of Love: Your Parents

By Michele L.

I’ve always been a huge proponent of Valentine’s Day being about all different kinds of love, not just the romantic kind. Every year my parents make sure to do something for me that makes me feel loved and special. And while I don’t necessarily need a stuffed marshmallow that says “I love you s’more,” it still makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. It’s easy to forget that we need to reciprocate the love our parents show us. But I’ve got a few easy suggestions to do just that. 

Send them a card

My dad HATED getting presents. But he loved getting cards. The sappier – the better. He had a dozen of them lined up on his desk at any given time. Cards are a great way to show love because they take just enough extra work to make them special. Write a short but heartfelt message. Take the extra step to get a stamp and stick it in the mail. In a society that is becoming more and more paperless, a real card packs a lot of punch

Spend time with them

We all have busy lives, and there’s lots of excuses to not step beyond our own responsibilities. But spending time with your parents is one of the most valuable ways to show them love. It doesn’t have to be a day-long commitment. If you live close by, pop in for an unexpected visit. Meet up for lunch on the weekend. If you aren’t lucky enough to live 30 seconds from your mom, schedule a call or FaceTime and keep the date. Taking time out of your life and giving it to them shows your parents that they’re still important. 

Involve them in your social media

With the rise of social media, it has never been easier to communicate with people. Tag your mom in a recipe she might like. Send your dad an article about one of his interests. Post a #tbt family picture from when you were a kid. And be patient when they ask you for help with their own social media. As my mom likes to say “you can teach me how to use Facebook, I taught you how to use a spoon.”

Ask for advice

Your parents spent your formative years teaching you how to do everything. (see: spoon) While it might be easier to just google the solution to a problem, try giving a parent a call and asking for their opinion. Everyone wants to feel needed. Whether you need to know how to fix a flat tire or fold a fitted sheet: asking mom or dad lets them know that you never grow out of needing their help. 

All these things boil down to one essential idea: effort. A little bit of effort goes a long way. I lost my dad this winter, but find comfort knowing that I put in the effort and that he had no doubts that I loved him. Our parents fed us, clothed us, and kissed our booboos. The least we can do is take a few moments out of our day to show them that they’re important. 

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