February Chalkboard Art

By Emily R.

  1. Find the center of your chalkboard – try to figure out your spacing before you begin. Sometimes it helps to just write it out as a rough draft (not using the fancy font) to get the spacing right.
  2. Go to dafont.com and search for “Ballerina Script”. This website allows you to write your phrase into a search box so you can see what it’ll look like in different fonts. I settled on Ballerina Script for this month’s board.
  3. Using the preview feature on dafont.com, write “love letter” and see what it will look like using “Ballerina Script”
  4. Start copying what you see! Most of the process is just copying what you see on your phone and comparing it to what’s happening on the chalkboard. I usually go letter-by-letter (as you’ll see in the video) and thicken each one as I go on the downstroke instead of thickening the letters at the end of the process – but either way is fine.

Notes: I am using a standard piece of chalk, not a pen or chalk paint. It makes it easier to correct as you go. However, if you’re left handed you might consider using a chalk pen instead to avoid smudging over your work and erasing it.

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