Wildflower Collective Event: Grown Up Slumber Party

I love a well planned event! There’s something really great about going to a party where all the details have been chosen with a purpose and work together to create a great atmosphere. So that’s what we’ve done for you here! We’ve put all the details together for you to create a great event.

Our first event? A grownup slumber party! All the ingredients to host a great, girlie night of fun, food, and entertainment (slumber party fort included). But, the best part about a grown-up slumber party? Everyone goes home and sleeps in their own bed at the end of the night 🙂 So call your girls, show up in your comfiest jammies, and kick it like you did when you were ten years old (with better beverages, of course!).


I kept things simple with heart shaped ramekins to hold the candy for the popcorn bar and a pink table runner. Don’t forget flowers! The biggest part of the decor was making a perfect slumber party fort…

Making the Perfect Slumber Party Fort

  • 3-4 queen or king sized flat sheets
  • Fishing Wire
  • Safety Pins
  • Packing Tape
  • Command Hooks
  • Lots of Pillows
  • Fluffy Blankets
  • LED Lights

Step One

Find a SOLID light fixture that you can attach the fishing wire to OR Put 12-15 heavy duty command hooks on your ceiling.

Step Two

Using the safety pins, hook the fishing wire in MANY equally spaced spots across the top of the sheet (I used 17). Do this with all the sheets. Keep the fishing wire short and make a small loop at the top. Once it’s through and you’ve made your loop, attach the loops to the command hooks. 

Step Three

Take your safety pins and pin the sides of the sheets together so they overlap. 

Step Four

Use spaced apart chairs with a BACK to swag the sheets out from the center. This will give your tent a “vaulted ceiling” 

Optional Steps

  • Use some battery powered LED lights to make your tent feel extra whimsical
  • Fill with big fluffy pillows and blankets!
  • Put the tent opening in view of the TV so you can enjoy a movie! 


Everyone knows that the BEST sleepovers always have a good feature presentation! Here are some of our Wildflower Collective Approved favorites!

Wildflower Collective’s Top Slumber Party Movie Picks


The perfect party needs the perfect playlist! This is a great set of songs to set the mood for a fun night with your girlfriends.

Food & Drink

For our event, we had a special cocktail – bubbly and fruity. No sleepover is complete without popcorn, so we had a popcorn bar with candy toppings (M&Ms, KitKats, and Milky Ways). Not wanting to feel stuffed, we kept the food light and made open-faced sandwiches on cocktail bread. To finish it up, Shel’s Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cheater Cookies were a must (they’re called cheater cookies because they use sugar cookie mix. Shhhhh… we won’t tell if you won’t) See all recipes below! 

Look for more Wildflower Collective Event posts as the year goes on!

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