My Current Beauty Obsession

Happy Girl with Happy Hair

I’d been hearing about Monat from girls at work for about a year. Their hair looked amazing – so much so that I felt the need to comment on it and ask how they were doing it? What led to the change?


I immediately wanted to try it, but I was skeptical. It’s similar to Rodan + Fields in that you “need to know a guy” (direct sales). Plus it was expensive and I wasn’t sure about making the jump.

Truth? I wish I would have done it a year ago. 


For shampoo, conditioner, and a product it was $84. Seems pricy for a hair care line. HOW.EV.ER. It is insanely concentrated, so you use a quarter of what you would normally use. One small bottle should last you 4-6 months. When I thought about it and did the math, it really wasn’t more than the salon quality shampoo and conditioner I was already using (Redken). 

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, which is awesome. If you’re wondering how serious I am, I literally (for real, ask my sister-in-law) threw away all of my other hair care products. Everything. Total re-vamp to use only Monat products and it’s been one hundred percent worth it. Aaaand then I convinced her to do the same thing.


Not to sound dramatic, but my hair is transformed. I have thin hair. I always have. Over the years it’s lost it’s shine and manageability. After I became a mom, I had a little postpartum hair loss as well. Welp, I have new growth coming in. NEW. GROWTH. And less shedding. 

My hair has never responded to something so well. It’s shiny, it’s bouncy, and now people just reach out to touch my hair and tell me it looks pretty (WHAT?! Is this how people LIVE!?!?!). 

I understand that my experience might not be everyones. BUT if you’re looking for an honest opinion, this is mine. Try it! See if you like it! 

What Products do I use?

Shampoo: Either Monat Black or Monat Revive

Conditioner: Monat Revitalize

Styling Products: Root Lift Spray, Thickening Spray, Heat Protectant, Hairspray, Texturizing Spray


Hair Quiz


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